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Christian Philosophy and Worldview – Read These 5 Books

I believe that philosophy is integral to the Christian life. The way we think about things is important in understanding who we are and Who God is. For centuries philosophy and logic were part of the curriculum for every child, but this sadly was phased out over the last 100 years. Because of this, most… Continue reading Christian Philosophy and Worldview – Read These 5 Books

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3 Christian Books on Government Overreach

For the Christian, the government is an interesting animal. God Himself has ordained the government as a blessing for our benefit. At the same time there are many passages in Scripture warning us of government overreach into our lives, and to be alert of corruption. I would like to share three books with you from… Continue reading 3 Christian Books on Government Overreach

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The 10 Commandments and Justice

I’ve written several articles in relation to justice. It is one of the ideas that we currently fight over the most in our society. At the same time we can’t even agree on a basic definition of justice. This is one of the many ideas which has divided us today. I have defined justice as… Continue reading The 10 Commandments and Justice

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Jesus Discusses Justice

So many people see Jesus as some flower child walking around in the tall grass with sandals, a robe, and some stringed instrument. This emasculated version of Jesus is not only a perversion of who He is, but is often used as propaganda by many to defend their personal “beliefs.” One area often misunderstood is… Continue reading Jesus Discusses Justice

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Defending Justice from the Social Warriors

The year of 2017 in some ways could have been the year of the social justice warrior (SJW). There are many ideas as to what a SJW is, but I would simply define it as someone who believes that they see social injustices in the world and fight for justice. Often this is done on… Continue reading Defending Justice from the Social Warriors

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Your Identity Crisis

For a very advanced technological culture, we have a major identity crisis. This comes in many waves for us culturally and as individuals. Part of our issue is that we don’t know where we came from. It seems like the history of our country is up for grabs, and the story lines keep changing depending… Continue reading Your Identity Crisis

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Cubism is Killing God

Recently I wrote an article on reclaiming beauty. There may be some foundational ideas there that you would need to understand before you read this article. Most of us know what cubism is but are unaware of the term that is connected to it. Before we define our terms, I want to take you to… Continue reading Cubism is Killing God

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How to Dehumanize Culture

One modern conversation is whether one day computers will take over the human race. Certain modern philosophers and other technological giants who are currently influential to society such as Tesla, Stephen Hawking, and others, have warned of this potential. Often in the theoretical, they are talking about two different scenarios. One scenario is computers and… Continue reading How to Dehumanize Culture

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The Redundancy Liberator

 Do you ever feel like life is redundant? I can’t be the only one right? Get up, eat breakfast, go to work, do the same thing at work that you did yesterday, come home, make dinner, play with the kids, get the gang in bed, and then you do it all over again. This I… Continue reading The Redundancy Liberator

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Let the Earth Burn

Some Christians regard  the planet with a “let the Earth burn” attitude. When it comes to environmentalism, some seem to care less about the planet. This comes from several different ideologies. Some Christians believe that the planet is only going to last so long so they feel that taking care of the planet or their… Continue reading Let the Earth Burn