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The Blessing of Confrontation

Sometimes when we think about tasks that God has called us to we only think about the negative side of them. This is one reason that we either delay or fail to do them.  Even when God calls us to do something, and there’s no positive outcome for us, we still need to obey. Although… Continue reading The Blessing of Confrontation

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David and Goliath, The Real Hero

One of the best known Old Testament stories is David and Goliath. Even someone who never stepped foot in church knows the story of the underdog.  The story is found in I Samuel 17, but let me summarize it for you. There is a giant named Goliath, who is a Philistine. He is taunting and… Continue reading David and Goliath, The Real Hero

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Why I Still Baptize

Some people look at me and think that because I pastor a non-denominational church  (a church that does not belong to a direct denomination), that we hold no specific ideas of  Christian practice. This is not so. In fact, one thing we do is celebrate communion every week. You can read about my beliefs about… Continue reading Why I Still Baptize

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25 Articles From My Guest Bloggers and Interviews

This October we will have published over 150 articles on our blog. This week what I would like to do is look back and highlight the 13 people who have either been guest bloggers or who I have interviewed with over two dozen articles. This will give an appreciation of those who have helped this… Continue reading 25 Articles From My Guest Bloggers and Interviews

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Why Become a Church Member?

There is some discussion today of whether or not it is still import to become a church member. I personally still believe that church membership is important. I also respect  my colleagues who disagree with me, if they have formulated a good Biblical response against church membership in their churches. Here are my five arguments… Continue reading Why Become a Church Member?