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You’re a Person and a Project

There is a phrase being thrown around like a rag doll in Christian circles: “I’m a person not a project.” The phrase is accusatory at best, and misleading at worse. It is a pendulum swing in the idea of Christian discipleship, and we need to carefully dissect it. We should continually seek what God wants… Continue reading You’re a Person and a Project

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Cubism is Killing God

Recently I wrote an article on reclaiming beauty. There may be some foundational ideas there that you would need to understand before you read this article. Most of us know what cubism is but are unaware of the term that is connected to it. Before we define our terms, I want to take you to… Continue reading Cubism is Killing God

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How to Dehumanize Culture

One modern conversation is whether one day computers will take over the human race. Certain modern philosophers and other technological giants who are currently influential to society such as Tesla, Stephen Hawking, and others, have warned of this potential. Often in the theoretical, they are talking about two different scenarios. One scenario is computers and… Continue reading How to Dehumanize Culture