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Children’s Fiction with Christian Worldviews by Shannon Madden

Shannon is my wife, and mother to our three children. She loves reading, and especially loves reading to our children. She has developed a list of five fiction books, and how they portray the Christian worldview. All of these books would be great gifts for your children. Tim You may have heard the expression that… Continue reading Children’s Fiction with Christian Worldviews by Shannon Madden

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How to Dehumanize Culture

One modern conversation is whether one day computers will take over the human race. Certain modern philosophers and other technological giants who are currently influential to society such as Tesla, Stephen Hawking, and others, have warned of this potential. Often in the theoretical, they are talking about two different scenarios. One scenario is computers and… Continue reading How to Dehumanize Culture

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In the Beginning God Created Logic

The Christian is losing battles on many fronts. This is not to say that God Himself is losing, God doesn’t lose. This is strictly talking about it from a human perspective. One way I believe that Christians are losing the battle pertains to logic. It may seem odd that logic would have anything to do… Continue reading In the Beginning God Created Logic