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Christian Karma

I’m amazed at the amount of Facebook posts that I see about karma. They often come from people who are angry about what someone else has done. They hope someone else is punished for the injustice that was done to them or perceived to have been done to them. Does karma exist? What should the… Continue reading Christian Karma


Strong Fathers Strong Daughters

Recently, I had the opportunity to share with Daren Dilts of the blog Active Manhood.  He asked me to share some of my ideas about how to raise strong daughters.  Please see his blog post here. Thanks for taking time to read this Maddening Theology post. If you enjoyed this content you can find Pastor Tim’s… Continue reading Strong Fathers Strong Daughters

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Do Christians Think Too Little of Atheists?

Talk to anyone who has been a Christian for awhile and you will hear them say something like, “I’m not the person I used to be.” The statement they are making is a positive good. It’s a proclamation that they believe that God has worked in their lives in a way to better glorify Him,… Continue reading Do Christians Think Too Little of Atheists?

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Cubism is Killing God

Recently I wrote an article on reclaiming beauty. There may be some foundational ideas there that you would need to understand before you read this article. Most of us know what cubism is but are unaware of the term that is connected to it. Before we define our terms, I want to take you to… Continue reading Cubism is Killing God

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Why Catechism?

Everyone has an  idea of what church should be like. Some people are looking for specific traditions or programs  they believe the church needs in order for them to attend. Others have a long list of requirements, to the point that they will never find the “perfect” church they are looking for. So when someone… Continue reading Why Catechism?