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Our trip to Haiti Part 1

Early in November several guys from our church went to Haiti on a missions trip. When we came back home we did a presentation on the trip at church. Art McLain, one of our congregants, works for the local newspaper, and wrote up a piece on the presentation. Here it is.   The island of… Continue reading Our trip to Haiti Part 1

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Why Celebrate Advent?

Cornerstone has celebrated Advent for several years. There is a decline in modern America to no longer celebrate this religious tradition, therefore, the meaning is beginning to be lost. I would like to explain what Advent is, why we celebrate it, and some practical ways to celebrate it with family, friends and neighbors. ”Advent” is… Continue reading Why Celebrate Advent?

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Was the Good Samaritan a Socialist?

Your political identity does not have a bearing on whether or not you could belong to our church. More importantly your political theory is not what get’s you into or keeps you out of Heaven. We have said many times at Cornerstone that we are unified around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While I personally… Continue reading Was the Good Samaritan a Socialist?

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A Story of Fostering and Adoption with Amanda Bowen

Recently I contacted my friend Amanda (Bowers) Bowen. I have known Amanda since 2001 because her brother Matt was one of my best friend in college. Amanda would later come and join us at that college. Amanda and her husband Andy have been fostering and adopting children. After speaking with Amanda several times on this… Continue reading A Story of Fostering and Adoption with Amanda Bowen