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Reclaiming Beauty

I would say a good chunk of my upbringing in Christianity is what I would call legalistic fundamentalism. First, let me give a disclaimer to say that I’m not embittered by my childhood. I think there were many or even mostly large positives from it. Right off the bat we need to define our terms.… Continue reading Reclaiming Beauty

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How to Dehumanize Culture

One modern conversation is whether one day computers will take over the human race. Certain modern philosophers and other technological giants who are currently influential to society such as Tesla, Stephen Hawking, and others, have warned of this potential. Often in the theoretical, they are talking about two different scenarios. One scenario is computers and… Continue reading How to Dehumanize Culture

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The Redundancy Liberator

 Do you ever feel like life is redundant? I can’t be the only one right? Get up, eat breakfast, go to work, do the same thing at work that you did yesterday, come home, make dinner, play with the kids, get the gang in bed, and then you do it all over again. This I… Continue reading The Redundancy Liberator

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Why You Might Not Find God’s Will

As a Christian teenager I remember a lot of discussion on the subject of God’s will. In some sense, other than talks on obedience, it seemed as if it was the subject I heard most growing up in church, as a youth group member. There seemed to be a lot of pressure for young people… Continue reading Why You Might Not Find God’s Will