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Our 6th Anniversary of Maddening Theology

Our Top 10 Most read Articles October marks our 6th anniversary of Maddening Theology, publishing over 300 articles on this site “attempting to make simple the deep things of God.” We actively work to build up believers and teach those who do not know God about Him and His wondrous salvation. Here are the top… Continue reading Our 6th Anniversary of Maddening Theology

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Marriage Built on Holiness, Not Happiness

Today we have moved marriage from the idea of holiness to happiness. We have forgotten that marriage was once called “holy matrimony” and both the wedding itself, and the marriage were made to be holy.  Not only does our society misunderstand holiness, but even some who weekly dawn the pews have missed what it is,… Continue reading Marriage Built on Holiness, Not Happiness

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How to Cultivate Your Wife

Someone reading this of a certain ideology may be immediately triggered (a medium trigger probably). The reason: the idea that “a woman doesn’t need a man” runs like a California wildfire after a newly drafted set of forest regulations. I can’t apologize for that trigger for two reasons. First, these ideas are God-given. Christians don’t… Continue reading How to Cultivate Your Wife

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Husband, 8 Admonitions to Loving Your Wife

For several years Bill and I ministered in neighboring towns in Northeastern PA. I have always found Bill thoughtful, and someone who attempts to be in line with Scripture. He is today’s guest blogger. This article was first published with Ligonier Ministries on July 14, 2021. “Husbands, love your wives and do not be bitter… Continue reading Husband, 8 Admonitions to Loving Your Wife

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Why Godly Men Leading in Marriage Does Not Devalue Women

Many skeptics attempt to dismantle the Bible or God in a variety of ways. One common attack is that Christianity devalues women. If we are honest with Scripture, this is not true. Often these attacks come from those who do not understand or haven’t taken time to look into Scripture as a whole. Let’s consider… Continue reading Why Godly Men Leading in Marriage Does Not Devalue Women

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3 Times God Doesn’t Answer Prayer

Many people see God as a magic genie when it comes to prayer. Rub the lamp, make your wish (pray) and the genie will provide what you have asked for. Prayer does not work like this. As a result, what happens then is people deduce that either prayer does not work, or that God does… Continue reading 3 Times God Doesn’t Answer Prayer

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How to Maintain a Broken Relationship

People are always asking, me,”Tim, I’m in a great relationship, but have a small problem with that relationship right now. How can I make sure it’s never fixed?“ Here are five easy tips to make sure your relationship stays broken. Wait as long as you can to deal with the problem. Let the problem fester.… Continue reading How to Maintain a Broken Relationship

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Books on Marriage

Every so often I’m going to take a break from talking and point you to others you should listen to. This week I want to give a couple recommendations for books on enhancing your marriage. Marriage is a funny thing in our country. The average cost of an American wedding is around $26,000. Think of… Continue reading Books on Marriage