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Interviewing Douglas Kaine McKelvey of “Every Moment Holy”

Recently I interviewed Ned Bustard, the artist for “Every Moment Holy,” about his artwork in the book. Because I envision this book becoming very important to current Christianity, as well as achieving  an heirloom status, I also wanted to talk with Douglas Kaine McKelvery who penned the liturgies for “Every Moment Holy.” This book can… Continue reading Interviewing Douglas Kaine McKelvey of “Every Moment Holy”

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Exploring the Art in “Every Moment Holy” An Interview with Ned Bustard

Ned is someone I accidentally ran into through Facebook. I soon found out how talented he is, as well as how alike our theology and our thinking is. Once I found out how he is currently contributing to the global church through his theology and doctrine on art, I contacted him. He was generous enough… Continue reading Exploring the Art in “Every Moment Holy” An Interview with Ned Bustard

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Why Celebrate Advent

Cornerstone has celebrated Advent for several years. There is a decline in modern America to no longer celebrate this religious tradition, therefore, the meaning is beginning to be lost. I would like to explain what Advent is, why we celebrate it, and some practical ways to celebrate it with family, friends and neighbors. ”Advent” is… Continue reading Why Celebrate Advent

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10 Books Everyone Should Read

In celebration of my 10th anniversary at  Cornerstone, I’m writing  several blogs listing a variety of my favorite  “10 things.” Over the next couple weeks my lists will include  people who influenced me over the last 10 years, why I love living in the Forest City Community and what I learned in the last 10… Continue reading 10 Books Everyone Should Read

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Theology Books for Kids

Shannon and I love our children. They are among the greatest bright spots of my day. Because I love my children, I want them to grow up with good theology so that they know the real God. There are thousands of children’s books that you can pick up from the Dollar Store to the big… Continue reading Theology Books for Kids

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Taking the Paddles to the Arts

When I talk  about paddles, I’m not talking about getting your canoe down the river. I am referring to the kind that help bring people back to life. That’s exactly what I believe we need to do with art. I spoke several weeks ago at our church about how I believe Christians distorted the second… Continue reading Taking the Paddles to the Arts

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Books on Marriage

Every so often I’m going to take a break from talking and point you to others you should listen to. This week I want to give a couple recommendations for books on enhancing your marriage. Marriage is a funny thing in our country. The average cost of an American wedding is around $26,000. Think of… Continue reading Books on Marriage