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Contentment Versus Complacency

Society is really a funny thing. We seem to be  divided on everything. Even our thought processes of how we run our personal lives seems to be at extremes. For example: you have people who are driven who don’t seem to stop. They are workaholics, or busyness addicts, constantly running their children from here to… Continue reading Contentment Versus Complacency

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Worshiping Together from Different Sides of the Church

We hear a lot of talk about how churches should be diverse. How Jesus breaks down the barriers of ethnicity, age, economic status, and academic knowledge. All these things are true, but I think there’s one place we forget to look for diversity within our church service. We come to the church from different places.… Continue reading Worshiping Together from Different Sides of the Church


The Big 100

I would like to thank all of my readers for supporting me through this journey. Writing was a dream of mine years ago, and I never thought it would have been this successful so far. This is my 100th article. Instead of trying to come up with something in commemoration,  I just wanted to thank… Continue reading The Big 100

Guest Blogger

Why Do I Love God? by Dan Nichols

From time to time I highlight other bloggers, pastors, Christians, and other ministries. Dan Nichols and I have been friends for years and are both pastors in the same church planning organization. He is currently a pastor at Restored Church in Wilkes Barre Pa. Our group of churches has been committed to and continues to… Continue reading Why Do I Love God? by Dan Nichols