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Christian Courage Through a Conquering King

When most people think about the book of Revelation, they often think the theme is the end times. Of course, they would not be wrong because that is a major theme. However, when only this tag is placed on the book, other great themes are missed. A major theme that runs through this great book… Continue reading Christian Courage Through a Conquering King

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4 Ways to Boast in Jesus

The apostle Paul tells us in the book of Galatians that salvation is only by God’s grace. Because we can not earn salvation, but are only given it through God’s grace, we should brag about what God has done in our lives. Here are four practical ways to do that. #1 Praise Him at Church… Continue reading 4 Ways to Boast in Jesus

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Christmas Music as Weapons of War

For centuries Christians have gathered to sing Christmas songs. One of the many reasons I love Christmas is the music that we sing.  Have you seen the 1887 painting by Hans Bachmann, entitled, “A Christmas Carol in Lucerne?” As a child I have many fond memories of singing Christmas songs from the church hymnal, in children’s… Continue reading Christmas Music as Weapons of War

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Did Everybody Love Jesus?

There is a current mindset among woke Christians that winsomeness is the highest virtue. They believe the way to win people to Jesus is to get them to like you and only speak well of you. What this often leads to is not confronting people with their sin, therefore not preaching the gospel of Jesus… Continue reading Did Everybody Love Jesus?

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Our 6th Anniversary of Maddening Theology

Our Top 10 Most read Articles October marks our 6th anniversary of Maddening Theology, publishing over 300 articles on this site “attempting to make simple the deep things of God.” We actively work to build up believers and teach those who do not know God about Him and His wondrous salvation. Here are the top… Continue reading Our 6th Anniversary of Maddening Theology

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Two Options to Pay for Your Sin

A Study of Judas and Peter The stories of Judas and Peter are way more similar than we might think. Both rejected Christ leading up to the cross. Judas did so through betrayal, and Peter through denial (both stories are found in Matthew 26-27). While both men turned on Jesus, there is a huge difference… Continue reading Two Options to Pay for Your Sin

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Why Good Works Aren’t Enough

For several years Bill Boekestein and I ministered in neighboring towns in Northeastern PA. I have always found Bill thoughtful and someone who attempts to be in line with Scripture. He is today’s guest blogger. This article was first published in “Core Christianity” June 16, 2022. Many of us struggle with gifts. We like receiving… Continue reading Why Good Works Aren’t Enough

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Be Aware of Satan’s Attacks

We need to know our enemy and how he works. If we know who Satan is and how he works, we can use this to our advantage. We can be prepared for temptations and attacks. Matthew 4:1-11 gives us the story of the temptation of Jesus. Satan tempts Jesus and we can see how he… Continue reading Be Aware of Satan’s Attacks


Sold Out by a Friend? Jesus Can Help!

If you have lived for any length of time, you have been sold out by someone. What do I mean by sold out? This is someone who claimed to be your friend, claimed to care about you, love you, and be with you – then they turned on you. They abandoned you, left you, or… Continue reading Sold Out by a Friend? Jesus Can Help!

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Jesus’ Fulfilled Prophecies Build Our Faith

There are times we may struggle with the question, “Is Jesus really Who He said He was?” There are several ways that we can tackle this question. One great way is to see how many prophecies He fulfilled. There are around 456 verses in the Old Testament that prophecy or foretell the coming of the… Continue reading Jesus’ Fulfilled Prophecies Build Our Faith