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A Quick Discipleship Guide in John

We use this word “disciple” a lot, but often we either do not define it well, don’t understand it’s fullness, or do not help people practically enough to be able to help actually disciple someone else. The simple goal of Christian discipleship is to help someone follow Jesus better. A disciple is someone who learns,… Continue reading A Quick Discipleship Guide in John

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A Blend of Justice and Love

I have been writing on some ideas of justice over the last year. Those who would disagree with me would be quick to jump to talk about things I have not touched on. What I would like to do is share a list of past articles in a specific order so we can more fully… Continue reading A Blend of Justice and Love

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Why Christians Believe in Marriage Before Sex

Throughout the latter part of last century there was a lot of  “legalism” in the church. There are many different kinds of legalism,  but I am referring to the kind which adds laws to God‘s laws. Many churches, pastors, and Christians started to move away from this in the new millennia. Again I’m not specifically… Continue reading Why Christians Believe in Marriage Before Sex

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Jesus Discusses Justice

So many people see Jesus as some flower child walking around in the tall grass with sandals, a robe, and some stringed instrument. This emasculated version of Jesus is not only a perversion of who He is, but is often used as propaganda by many to defend their personal “beliefs.” One area often misunderstood is… Continue reading Jesus Discusses Justice

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How to Get Rid of Shame

The shame that we bring upon ourselves can be deep. I’m not talking about the shame we had as a child. There’s much difference between a four-year-old who wets the bed and adult who carries some deep secrets from their past. We also could talk about present shame, perhaps something you’re struggling with now. Problems… Continue reading How to Get Rid of Shame

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Christian Karma

I’m amazed at the amount of Facebook posts that I see about karma. They often come from people who are angry about what someone else has done. They hope someone else is punished for the injustice that was done to them or perceived to have been done to them. Does karma exist? What should the… Continue reading Christian Karma

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In the Beginning God Created Logic

The Christian is losing battles on many fronts. This is not to say that God Himself is losing, God doesn’t lose. This is strictly talking about it from a human perspective. One way I believe that Christians are losing the battle pertains to logic. It may seem odd that logic would have anything to do… Continue reading In the Beginning God Created Logic

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The How of Communion

Previously I addressed the question, “What is communion?” The majority of Christians would agree with most of what I wrote about why we observe communion. As a quick refresher, communion celebrates the cross of Christ and the forgiveness that He died to offer. Communion also is a time to repent and “get right” with God,… Continue reading The How of Communion

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Communion: Celebrate, Repent, Proclaim, Unite

There are times I have stepped back and asked myself, “Is what we do at church tradition or what God wants?” It’s not that all church tradition is bad, although I do think we need to take time to evaluate what we are doing from time to time. On Mother’s Day, for example, our church… Continue reading Communion: Celebrate, Repent, Proclaim, Unite

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Flannelgraph Theology

Some of you may have grown up like me. You went to Sunday School every week. I still remember some of my teachers, the little snacks we got, the uncomfortable clothes my parents made me wear (love you mom), the songs we sung, and most of all the flannelgraph. For those who don’t know what… Continue reading Flannelgraph Theology