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Was the Good Samaritan a Socialist?

Your political identity does not have a bearing on whether or not you could belong to our church. More importantly your political theory is not what get’s you into or keeps you out of Heaven. We have said many times at Cornerstone that we are unified around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While I personally… Continue reading Was the Good Samaritan a Socialist?

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Every Christian: A Pastor or Priest

When you think about a pastor or priest what do you think? Maybe someone with a collar or a suit or someone who is passive. You might even picture  a gender, age bracket, or appearance  when you think of the term. One distinction when it comes to a pastor or priest is probably  someone who… Continue reading Every Christian: A Pastor or Priest

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Reasons I Love Pastoring Cornerstone

I wrote this list on a Facebook post in April 2015. I’m glad to see that it still applies two years later, so I adapted the post for this blog. I have treasured pastoring  Cornerstone for what will be 10 years this October. These reasons are in no particular order. TRUTH: Our people love the… Continue reading Reasons I Love Pastoring Cornerstone

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The Catapult Verse

When we think about Christianity we often think about love. Maybe you believe the church hasn’t loved someone, but the very thought of that itself shows that you believe Christians should love. The question is, are there times when the church may correctly do something that doesn’t seem loving, but is loving? The answer is… Continue reading The Catapult Verse

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Churches are Hospitals, not Clubhouses

Imagine two places – a hospital and a clubhouse. I know where I would want to spend my time. I’m not a fan of hospitals. As a child, I had my fair share of stitches, and it didn’t end well, at least for the doctors who had to put up with me. When we think… Continue reading Churches are Hospitals, not Clubhouses