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13 Commitments for Christians Talking Politics: An Overview

I have written a four-part series on how Christians should talk about politics. This is really a list of commitments I am trying to make as a Christian during an election season, and I ask that you would make it with me. With so many things covered, I thought it would be good to synthesize… Continue reading 13 Commitments for Christians Talking Politics: An Overview

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Commitments for Christians Talking Politics

I don’t think anyone would argue that politics have become more toxic over the last couple of decades. The divides between parties, the advent of 24-hour news, and social media have fed this beast. While our grandparents refused to talk about sex, politics, and money, it seems like that is all we talk about. Christians… Continue reading Commitments for Christians Talking Politics

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Three Practical Marriage Tips

If we were to take a poll of wedding ceremonies and which passages are most read, chances are I Corinthians 13 would be at the top.  Dozens of couples I have performed a ceremony for over the years, had someone read I Corinthians 13 during nuptials.  Now the context of I Corinthians 13 is not… Continue reading Three Practical Marriage Tips

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Charity Triumphs Over Justice

In my blog  Defending Justice From the Social Warriors  I defined  justice. My base and simple definition: justice is people being able to own themselves and their possessions. In a follow-up article, Jesus Discusses Justice , I wrote how I believe Jesus taught this same definition of justice. The question automatically follows from those who do… Continue reading Charity Triumphs Over Justice

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Why I Date Three Women at Once

I’ve met a few guys in life who like to “play the field,”  guys who are interested in dating several women at once. I used to think this was a bad thing, but I think I figured out how to use it to my advantage. Some guys just go on random dates with random girls.… Continue reading Why I Date Three Women at Once

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Do I Have to Get Along With Everyone?

There is a lot of pressure on Christians to get along with everyone. The banner of love is, and should be, waived high as one of the central Christian ethos. Not only are we to love others, but we are even called to help different parties come together. Jesus even says in His Sermon on… Continue reading Do I Have to Get Along With Everyone?

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Divorced Parents Should…

Painful topics are just that, painful. They dig up hurt. Let me state from the outset, that this is not the intention of this post. The divorce rate of people with children is lower than people without children, but many children are dealing with the issue of divorced parents. While statistics vary, most of what… Continue reading Divorced Parents Should…

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What is Love?

Many times in life I go through the day thinking I was born in the wrong era. Do you ever feel that way? Technology has afforded us many things that are amazing, but one of the places I keep seeing myself is on the streets of England during various points of history. There are several reasons for… Continue reading What is Love?