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Church Should Call You to Christ, Not Confirm Your Religious Ideas

There is some errant thinking today that church should be all about love, and unity. That everyone should be confirmed in their current thinking and all lifestyles are to be accepted. That the mission of the church is to unify everyone in love. This is actually the opposite of what Scripture calls us to in… Continue reading Church Should Call You to Christ, Not Confirm Your Religious Ideas

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What Makes a Great Sermon?

I have heard thousands and preached hundreds of sermons in my life. Recently, I joked about the fact that I think I preached a great sermon, and it fell flat. Then the next sermon I thought was flat, received a great reaction. A friend asked me, “What really makes a good sermon?” This is not… Continue reading What Makes a Great Sermon?

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Are You Too Godly for God?

There is a misunderstanding today that Christianity is synonymous with conservatism. This is easily misunderstood in our current climate because of what a true conservative (not necessarily Republican but conservative) believes. When it comes to how we conserve finances, what we believe about traditional marriage, and other important issues, we may jump to the conclusion… Continue reading Are You Too Godly for God?

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The Jesus Centered Wheel Needs an Alignment

By Guest Blogger Ty Woznek Those who have read “Maddening Theology” for a while know that I am a “Jesus-Centered” guy. I have written about it several times which you can read here: Jesus-Centered Part III, The Blessing of Christ-Centered Theology, Gospel-Centered Part I, and Gospel-Centered Resources. In fact, I had scripted on the spine… Continue reading The Jesus Centered Wheel Needs an Alignment

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Your Identity Crisis

For a very advanced technological culture, we have a major identity crisis. This comes in many waves for us culturally and as individuals. Part of our issue is that we don’t know where we came from. It seems like the history of our country is up for grabs, and the story lines keep changing depending… Continue reading Your Identity Crisis