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Our 6th Anniversary of Maddening Theology

Our Top 10 Most read Articles October marks our 6th anniversary of Maddening Theology, publishing over 300 articles on this site “attempting to make simple the deep things of God.” We actively work to build up believers and teach those who do not know God about Him and His wondrous salvation. Here are the top… Continue reading Our 6th Anniversary of Maddening Theology

Discipleship · Helping Others · Mentors · Spiritual Growth

Helping People Spiritually Grow (Overview)

Previously I have written three articles on how to help people spiritually grow.  I have given 10 basic tips that may help you on this journey. I also wanted to give a quick reference that could be easily referenced and printed out. You could keep this in your Bible or another book that you may… Continue reading Helping People Spiritually Grow (Overview)

Friends · Helping Others · Worry

Your Worry Through Your Friends Problem

There are main purposes to every passage in Scripture. I want to look at the book of Jonah, but I don’t want to look at the main purpose, but something I noticed that is secondary in the book. It deals with how we can help others. In the book of Jonah we see someone running… Continue reading Your Worry Through Your Friends Problem