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Death Beyond Death

We all must deal with death at some point. At times, while sad, it is beautiful. Consider the elderly saint who lived a long and simple life, quietly passing during the night while sleeping. Nothing overly special about this person, but a well-lived life. Then there is devastating death: a young person killed in a… Continue reading Death Beyond Death

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Why Might the Good Die Young

If you have been around for any length of time in life, you know someone who might have passed away at a young age. Now, young is relative. When I was 12,  my cousin passed away at the age of 15. For others, they have lost a spouse in their 50’s or 60’s. Compared to… Continue reading Why Might the Good Die Young

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God and Satan Speak: Who are You Listening To?

Too often we listen to words from Satan. Sometimes he whispers them in our ears, other times he plagues us by screaming them at us. Sometimes they come directly from him, other times he uses others to speak his lies to us. We must make sure that we are listening to the voice of truth,… Continue reading God and Satan Speak: Who are You Listening To?