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The Record Can Skip at Church

One thing I enjoy is spinning vinyl. Over the years my record collection has grown. My love for the LP isn’t due to the recent fad by skinny-jean-flannel-wearing-modern-day hippies. As a kid we had a record player. My parents would play Christmas music on it, and I still have several of those records like Bing… Continue reading The Record Can Skip at Church


Justice Both Ways

Justice is tough because it’s hard to quantify and measure. It is a truth, a philosophy, which we must theorize about concerning thousands of matters in life. One of God’s chief characteristics is justice, and the Christian must walk all of the way around it to make sure he or she understands the whole matter,… Continue reading Justice Both Ways

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Your Past: Should You Think About It?

Our past is a funny thing. Depending on what your past was like depends on how you deal with it. Some people obsess over their past, some try to block it out, and some move forward so fast that they rarely think about it. There are a lot of different ways to deal with your… Continue reading Your Past: Should You Think About It?

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Get Rid of Some Friends

There are many things you can read in the Bible that sound like they are not Christian. Some of this has to do with our misunderstanding of Scripture. One such idea is that you might have too many friends. This seems like it would go against the Christian ethic. Shouldn’t someone following Jesus be friendly… Continue reading Get Rid of Some Friends