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Irrelevant Church or Political Church

Complaints to me regarding church fall into two categories, which contradict each other and are usually proposed by the same people.  First, people say they don’t go to church or believe in God because it is not relevant to their lives. Second, they don’t want to hear “politics” talked about in church. My contention would… Continue reading Irrelevant Church or Political Church

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Christians And Conspiracies

You would think that living in today’s information age would mean no one would have to worry about conspiracies. All truths would easily be seen with everything videoed, audio recorded, and so many facts accessible. We all know this is far from the truth. In fact, it appears that conspiracies run more rampant today than… Continue reading Christians And Conspiracies

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Why Godly Men Leading in Marriage Does Not Devalue Women

Many skeptics attempt to dismantle the Bible or God in a variety of ways. One common attack is that Christianity devalues women. If we are honest with Scripture, this is not true. Often these attacks come from those who do not understand or haven’t taken time to look into Scripture as a whole. Let’s consider… Continue reading Why Godly Men Leading in Marriage Does Not Devalue Women

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Being Nice is Not the 11th Commandment

A pervasive idea today is that being nice equals being Christian. It is used as a bludgeoning stick in today’s area of debate to attempt to control people in their thoughts, actions, and words. In some circles, even religious ones, being nice has become the 11th commandment. But if we look to Scripture, is it… Continue reading Being Nice is Not the 11th Commandment