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Divorced Parents Should…

Painful topics are just that, painful. They dig up hurt. Let me state from the outset, that this is not the intention of this post. The divorce rate of people with children is lower than people without children, but many children are dealing with the issue of divorced parents. While statistics vary, most of what… Continue reading Divorced Parents Should…

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Does God Want Me to Commit Adultery?

I constantly hear things about God and the Bible that are absurd. While you may not be asking, “Does God want me to commit adultery?” there are many similar questions. People think because David, or the disciples, or Esther did x, therefore, we should be able to do x or others may think they have… Continue reading Does God Want Me to Commit Adultery?

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What is Love?

Many times in life I go through the day thinking I was born in the wrong era. Do you ever feel that way? Technology has afforded us many things that are amazing, but one of the places I keep seeing myself is on the streets of England during various points of history. There are several reasons for… Continue reading What is Love?

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Netflix Helped My Kids Become Content     

If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it? Forget that, a million dollars doesn’t go as far these days. If you had $10 million, what would you spend it on? Let’s say you had five minutes to decide: whatever you wrote on a piece of paper, you could spend the $10 million… Continue reading Netflix Helped My Kids Become Content