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Defending Justice from the Social Warriors

The year of 2017 in some ways could have been the year of the social justice warrior (SJW). There are many ideas as to what a SJW is, but I would simply define it as someone who believes that they see social injustices in the world and fight for justice. Often this is done on… Continue reading Defending Justice from the Social Warriors

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How to Get Rid of Shame

The shame that we bring upon ourselves can be deep. I’m not talking about the shame we had as a child. There’s much difference between a four-year-old who wets the bed and adult who carries some deep secrets from their past. We also could talk about present shame, perhaps something you’re struggling with now. Problems… Continue reading How to Get Rid of Shame

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Learning the 10 Commandments Again

There is much discussion on where the Ten Commandments fall into place within our society. Part of my contention is not the issue of society itself being the problem, but Christians themselves. Not only have we forgotten the Ten Commandments, we do not know how to properly understand them. All I want to do in… Continue reading Learning the 10 Commandments Again

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Your Identity Crisis

For a very advanced technological culture, we have a major identity crisis. This comes in many waves for us culturally and as individuals. Part of our issue is that we don’t know where we came from. It seems like the history of our country is up for grabs, and the story lines keep changing depending… Continue reading Your Identity Crisis

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Do I Have to Get Along With Everyone?

There is a lot of pressure on Christians to get along with everyone. The banner of love is, and should be, waived high as one of the central Christian ethos. Not only are we to love others, but we are even called to help different parties come together. Jesus even says in His Sermon on… Continue reading Do I Have to Get Along With Everyone?