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Grief Resource Recommendations Part 1

A lot of people struggle with grief, often unaware of where to go to help. A relationship with God is always helpful. Christian friends or Christian counseling are also beneficial. For those looking to take more time to go through the subject for themselves or others, I wanted to put together a list of book… Continue reading Grief Resource Recommendations Part 1

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Avoiding the Heart of Cain

Emotions often end up controlling us. In and of themselves, they are not bad. In fact, our emotions are God-given, and are given because God Himself has emotions and created us in His image. The problem is that our emotions can overtake us and steer us places we shouldn’t go. One person we have as… Continue reading Avoiding the Heart of Cain

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A Call for Pastors and Churches to Go Deep

For years I have tried to blow the whistle on the subject of shallow theology. This is a current trend among evangelical churches to keep things shallow. It is especially highlighted among the current 20-30-something crowd. Quite a few of my pastoral peers fit into this mold. Most have not heeded the warning. They look… Continue reading A Call for Pastors and Churches to Go Deep

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When God Makes Us Rest

Our God is a God of rest. He rested after creation. Jesus rested at times. God calls us to rest in Him, and when we don’t there are times He makes us rest.  The first time we see rest in the Bible is after God created the world. “And on the seventh day God finished… Continue reading When God Makes Us Rest

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How Justice Gets Destroyed

Our society has been instant-cooking rice for years. Our microwaves, email, and hundreds of technological conveniences give us in minutes what previous generations took hours or even days to accomplish. This has bled over into the way we decide who is right on a matter. With social media and 24-hour news stations, we are asked… Continue reading How Justice Gets Destroyed