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How to Live in the Kingdom of God

I recently wrote about the Kingdom of God. To be part of the Kingdom of God, Jesus must be your King. It is for those who allow Jesus to rule and reign in their hearts. You must ask Him to be your Savior and follow Him. It is not a physical kingdom that can be… Continue reading How to Live in the Kingdom of God

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Hope When Life Falls Apart

Job’s Anti-Creation Curse Lament and Hope Many Christians push a picture of Christianity as running through a field of unicorns and lollipops. Right from the start, we will say that Christian life brings joy and hope. It turns sorrow into gladness once we depend on God and know what He is doing, and trust what… Continue reading Hope When Life Falls Apart

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Feeling Fearful and Alone?

We  attend church because our faith in Christ means a lot to us. It is the foundation of who we are. When we struggle with life issues, we come to church with those burdens. We are encouraged through the service. Our spirits are lifted up through singing, reminding us how great God is and how… Continue reading Feeling Fearful and Alone?

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Making Your Home a Sanctuary in the Storm

For those who will be spending extra time together, whether it is due to a time of sickness, a snowstorm (for those up north), a holiday, or a summer without school, we all have times when we can spend extra time together. This can either be a time of extra stress, or extra blessing, depending… Continue reading Making Your Home a Sanctuary in the Storm

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God and Satan Speak: Who are You Listening To?

Too often we listen to words from Satan. Sometimes he whispers them in our ears, other times he plagues us by screaming them at us. Sometimes they come directly from him, other times he uses others to speak his lies to us. We must make sure that we are listening to the voice of truth,… Continue reading God and Satan Speak: Who are You Listening To?