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In the Beginning God Created Logic

The Christian is losing battles on many fronts. This is not to say that God Himself is losing, God doesn’t lose. This is strictly talking about it from a human perspective. One way I believe that Christians are losing the battle pertains to logic. It may seem odd that logic would have anything to do… Continue reading In the Beginning God Created Logic

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You Don’t Really Believe in Moral Relativity

Do you remember this scheme from your childhood? You were 10, maybe 12 years old and you wanted something. I’m not just talking about something small like having dessert that night. I am thinking a lot bigger. You wanted to go to your friend’s for the weekend, and they were going to have over several… Continue reading You Don’t Really Believe in Moral Relativity

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Theology Books for Kids

Shannon and I love our children. They are among the greatest bright spots of my day. Because I love my children, I want them to grow up with good theology so that they know the real God. There are thousands of children’s books that you can pick up from the Dollar Store to the big… Continue reading Theology Books for Kids

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When You are Disappointed in God

Every once in awhile I take a week to point you to other voices who speak truth. One of the ways I do this is by having a guest blogger. I’ve known Fred Jacoby for several years. He has been a great friend and mentor, and I have enjoyed his ministry – Foundations Christian Counseling Services… Continue reading When You are Disappointed in God

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Addicted: Jesus and Drugs

Several years ago I found out that someone close to me had been doing drugs. The reality is you probably know someone who is doing drugs right now, if not several people. You might not be aware someone is abusing  drugs, but someone you know is probably  using substances of some kind. When  I found… Continue reading Addicted: Jesus and Drugs