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The Sin of Being Too Conservative

Many of us know what God has to say about ethics, and if we break His commands it is sin. But, can you be too conservative? Is it sinful to be too “religious?”  Let me give some qualifiers. First, let’s be clear about what I am not talking about. I am not speaking about conservatism… Continue reading The Sin of Being Too Conservative

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5 Ways to Make Peace with Others

There are many times that God calls Christians to make peace. Although this is not always the case, as I wrote recently in “Christian, Stop Making Peace ” If you are working in an area where God has called you to make peace, here are five ways God gives to help make peace with others.… Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Peace with Others

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Christian, Stop Making Peace

Anytime we have an oversimplification of an issue, we tend to go astray. When we are too simpleminded and only look in one area of Scripture avoiding others, we make mistakes. One area is peacemaking. Christians are all called to make peace. We are called to be peacemakers. Peace is one of the fruits of… Continue reading Christian, Stop Making Peace


Wasn’t Biblical Alcohol Just Grape Juice?

Recently I published an article called, “A Biblical Defense to Drinking to the Glory of God.” People texted me, privately messaged me, and gave over 100 comments on social media. Many were in support, others wondered if I had left the faith. Some asked well-pointed questions. Others, well, others tried, ha. The #1 question: “Wasn’t… Continue reading Wasn’t Biblical Alcohol Just Grape Juice?