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Our 6th Anniversary of Maddening Theology

Our Top 10 Most read Articles October marks our 6th anniversary of Maddening Theology, publishing over 300 articles on this site “attempting to make simple the deep things of God.” We actively work to build up believers and teach those who do not know God about Him and His wondrous salvation. Here are the top… Continue reading Our 6th Anniversary of Maddening Theology

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Practical Theology for the Heart, Mind, and Soul

Recently we looked at the idea of whether a sermon should focus on the Gospel, doctrine, or application of God’s Word. We came to the conclusion that a great sermon has all three. A study of the book of Ephesians proved this, which you can read here. What do you think about when considering practical… Continue reading Practical Theology for the Heart, Mind, and Soul

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What Makes a Great Sermon?

I have heard thousands and preached hundreds of sermons in my life. Recently, I joked about the fact that I think I preached a great sermon, and it fell flat. Then the next sermon I thought was flat, received a great reaction. A friend asked me, “What really makes a good sermon?” This is not… Continue reading What Makes a Great Sermon?