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Feeling Fearful and Alone?

We  attend church because our faith in Christ means a lot to us. It is the foundation of who we are. When we struggle with life issues, we come to church with those burdens. We are encouraged through the service. Our spirits are lifted up through singing, reminding us how great God is and how… Continue reading Feeling Fearful and Alone?

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Making Your Home a Sanctuary in the Storm

For those who will be spending extra time together, whether it is due to a time of sickness, a snowstorm (for those up north), a holiday, or a summer without school, we all have times when we can spend extra time together. This can either be a time of extra stress, or extra blessing, depending… Continue reading Making Your Home a Sanctuary in the Storm

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Godly Wisdom During Global Panic

I would like to offer eight points of godly wisdom during this time of global panic. This of course is not inclusive, but hopefully gives a balanced approach to a current situation. At times like these, Christians are reminded how important their faith is, and how valuable being a believer is, in receiving God’s wisdom.… Continue reading Godly Wisdom During Global Panic

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Why I don’t Pray to Mary or the Saints

Depending on what area of the country you are from, this may be controversial to you. Where I currently live, this can be a sticky wicket for sure. Give me just a couple minutes to show you  Scripture that will explain to whom we should pray.    There are two main reasons that I don’t pray… Continue reading Why I don’t Pray to Mary or the Saints

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3 Tips for Better Communication with Your Spouse with Fred Jacoby

Every once in awhile I take a week to point you to other voices who speak truth. One of the ways I do this is by having a guest blogger. I’ve known Fred Jacoby for several years. He has been a great friend and mentor, and I have enjoyed his ministry – Foundations Christian Counseling… Continue reading 3 Tips for Better Communication with Your Spouse with Fred Jacoby

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Art: The Missing Image of God

There is a theological term called, “Imago Dei,” the Latin term which means “the image of God.” The theological truth is that humans have been made in the image of God. This is how He created us. This is not an idea, but truth. It is clearly stated in Genesis 1:26. The trinity, speaking to… Continue reading Art: The Missing Image of God

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3 Quick Tips from God on Money

It is interesting to note that God talks more about money in the New Testament than Heaven. It is not that money is more important than Heaven. Actually many times when He is talking about money, He is talking about Heaven. Money can keep us from following God. If you follow God and obey Him,… Continue reading 3 Quick Tips from God on Money

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Three Practical Marriage Tips

If we were to take a poll of wedding ceremonies and which passages are most read, chances are I Corinthians 13 would be at the top.  Dozens of couples I have performed a ceremony for over the years, had someone read I Corinthians 13 during nuptials.  Now the context of I Corinthians 13 is not… Continue reading Three Practical Marriage Tips

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Five Quick Verses of Comfort and Encouragement

We all need comfort and encouragement for different reasons. Today I want to give you some for your arsenal.  These are great to memorize, or write down to carry around with you. We always need words of wisdom to offer others as well. WHEN YOU NEED STRENGTH: Isaiah 40:29 “He gives power to the faint,… Continue reading Five Quick Verses of Comfort and Encouragement

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Christianity Without the Church?

For centuries many have thought that the church building was the church. We even use phrases today like, “Let’s go to church.” We know by that we mean, “Let’s go to the church service at the building where Christians meet.” We are moving (in some areas) into a proper understanding of the true definition of… Continue reading Christianity Without the Church?