Covering Sin

The Blessings of Covering Sin

Many of us, if we’re honest, struggle with forgiveness. Well, when it comes to forgiving others anyway. We often do a pretty good job at forgiving our own sin. But when it comes to others, it often takes more time and effort. Why?  There are several reasons that we struggle to forgive others. A major… Continue reading The Blessings of Covering Sin

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Where to Find God’s Wisdom for All of Life

God’s Word is full of wisdom. It has direction for His people to live everyday life. This wisdom covers every corner of our lives and what we do. The question is, where do we find this wisdom? The Bible is a multifaceted book with smaller books in it. It has several literary genres. These books… Continue reading Where to Find God’s Wisdom for All of Life

Esther · Faith · Sacrifice

How to Have Faith to Stand up for Others

Most of us know someone who is weaker than we are, and has been taken advantage of. It often takes faith to have the courage to help them. We may have to sacrifice something. However, willingness to sacrifice something of yourself to care for others glorifies God.  The story of Esther is one such story… Continue reading How to Have Faith to Stand up for Others

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Positive Parenting

Often when we think about godly parenting, we think that we are supposed to stop our kids from doing bad things. Essentially, we believe that if they are not doing anything wrong, we should let them go. But if they are going toward sin, that is when we need to step in and stop them.… Continue reading Positive Parenting