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Why I Date Three Women at Once

I’ve met a few guys in life who like to “play the field,”  guys who are interested in dating several women at once. I used to think this was a bad thing, but I think I figured out how to use it to my advantage. Some guys just go on random dates with random girls.… Continue reading Why I Date Three Women at Once

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10 Lessons Pastoring for 10 Years

In celebration of pastoring Cornerstone for 10 years, I am writing about my ministry in Forest City, PA. In mid-October 2007 I delivered my first sermon in here.  I had returned from Florida where I was a youth and music minister at a great church. There was a small group of people at Cornerstone at… Continue reading 10 Lessons Pastoring for 10 Years

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Books on Marriage

Every so often I’m going to take a break from talking and point you to others you should listen to. This week I want to give a couple recommendations for books on enhancing your marriage. Marriage is a funny thing in our country. The average cost of an American wedding is around $26,000. Think of… Continue reading Books on Marriage