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7 Practical Ways to Respect Your Husband 

 Being respected means a lot to men. Most women, or wives, don’t understand this because they view things differently. It’s not that they do not want respect as well, but it isn’t as much as a motivating factor to them as it is to men. 

 In some ways respect defines a man. It conveys how he is perceived by a person or group. This could be in his family, church, workplace, social circle, or community.  

 Ephesians 5:33b says, “let the wife see that she respects her husband.” Since we have lost the meaning of words, I’d like to define respect. A dictionary word study would say that respect is deep admiration, holding one in high regard, or revering someone.  

 How does this look practically? How can a wife “respect her husband?” What does this look like in the home, and community? 

1.Speak Respectfully about Your Husband to Others: A big part of respect for a husband is how others view him. If a wife is speaking about her husband in high honor, that will build how he is viewed by others.  

2. Live Respectfully: A great way for a man to feel respected is in how his wife talks, behaves, and dresses herself. If she is viewed as a woman with dignity, he gains respect also. I Timothy 3:11 calls for women to live dignified. How she carries herself will reflect onto him. 

3. Admire His Career: A lot of guys put a lot into their career to build it or sacrifice a lot to pay the bills. A wife can show her husband respect by verbally encouraging her husband by admiring what he has built, or what he has sacrificed in his career.  

4. Appreciate Things He’s Good At: Many men feel defined by their career. But men are more than their careers. Find other things he is good at and let him know that you appreciate those things too. It may be how he loves the children, what he does for the community, a hobby he is good at, or things he does around the house.  

5. Listen to His Guidance: God calls men to lead their homes. This doesn’t mean that wives don’t get an opinion on things. It does mean the man is ultimately reasonable to God for the household. This, of course, does not mean wives are to follow their husbands blindly. It’s following him when he is guiding you in God’s ways. When a man is leading in a godly manner, and is followed, he feels respected.  

6. Build a Life with Him: A man of admiration and respect is worth building a life with. This means building up the children, finances, property, spiritual life, and dreams together. It means not trying to live your own life alongside him in your marriage, but building a life together that can grow and produce fruit over generations. 

7. Verbally Affirm Him: Men are beat up in our culture. They are told, whether it is true or not, that they are toxic and evil. They often carry heavy loads. Verbally affirm him wherever you can. Speak proudly of him and of him.  

 What areas are you doing well in respecting your husband? What areas can you show more respect to him? Husbands, what ways does your wife give you respect? If this were coupled with a husband who sacrifices for his wife, what kind of marriage would that look like? 

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