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Holy Wife, Happy Life

Every guy that has been married for a while knows the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life.” Is that sound advice? Or, is it more world philosophy that not only goes against God, but doesn’t even work? The first goal for the Christian husband is not to make his wife happy, but holy. Holiness is being… Continue reading Holy Wife, Happy Life

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The Atheist-Twisted Lie About Christian Marriage

Atheists and other anti-Christian groups love to attack Scripture. It makes sense. They are not Christians so they try to find any chink in the armor to justify themselves and their lifestyles. One such area they think they’ve achieved this is within Christian marriage, or better yet – how women are treated within Christian marriages.… Continue reading The Atheist-Twisted Lie About Christian Marriage

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4 Ways to Serve Others Like Jesus Served You

Christians are called to serve others. They are called to give their lives as an act of service because Jesus served them (Matthew 25:34-40). Our service flows out of being served by Jesus because His life was a life of service (Matthew 20:28). We can learn how to serve others by how Jesus served us.… Continue reading 4 Ways to Serve Others Like Jesus Served You

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Are You Too Godly for God?

There is a misunderstanding today that Christianity is synonymous with conservatism. This is easily misunderstood in our current climate because of what a true conservative (not necessarily Republican but conservative) believes. When it comes to how we conserve finances, what we believe about traditional marriage, and other important issues, we may jump to the conclusion… Continue reading Are You Too Godly for God?