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Gospel-Centered Resources

I have written several times in the past on the importance and theological accuracy of Gospel-centered theology. Cross-, Jesus-centered. Many have asked me for resources on how to study Gospel-centered theology. I have created a short bibliography that you may find helpful. Although I have not read every one of these books, I have read… Continue reading Gospel-Centered Resources

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The Mystery of the Main Street Cross on Easter Weekend

For those who live in my community of Forest City, you probably know by now that there was an interesting “coincidence” that happened recently. A man was sitting in the parking lot on Main Street waiting for the grocery store to open, and next door, on the building owned by Frugal Living a cross appeared.… Continue reading The Mystery of the Main Street Cross on Easter Weekend

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How to Get Rid of Bitterness

When we talk about bitterness, we need to first define it. We are not talking about a bitter cup of coffee or candy bar. We are talking about the attitude carried by some people. Bitterness often comes from feeling wronged. We get angry, disappointed, and become resentful of those who have hurt us. If we… Continue reading How to Get Rid of Bitterness