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How to Have Faith to Stand up for Others

Most of us know someone who is weaker than we are, and has been taken advantage of. It often takes faith to have the courage to help them. We may have to sacrifice something. However, willingness to sacrifice something of yourself to care for others glorifies God.  The story of Esther is one such story… Continue reading How to Have Faith to Stand up for Others

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One of the commissions God gives husbands is to sacrifice for their wives. The apostle Paul says in Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”  We are called to love our wives in a sacrificial way. Jesus loved believers by sacrificing Himself for them. He… Continue reading 7 PRACTICAL WAYS TO SACRIFICE FOR YOUR WIFE

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Holy Wife, Happy Life

Every guy that has been married for a while knows the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life.” Is that sound advice? Or, is it more world philosophy that not only goes against God, but doesn’t even work? The first goal for the Christian husband is not to make his wife happy, but holy. Holiness is being… Continue reading Holy Wife, Happy Life

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8 Ways Husbands Can Love Their Wives

Marriage is one of the bedrocks of society. Because of this, it is often under attack. A key to a healthy marriage is a husband who loves his wife. Here are 8 ways God calls husbands to love their wives. #1 Love her by leading her. The first way you can love your wife is… Continue reading 8 Ways Husbands Can Love Their Wives

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Marriage Built on Holiness, Not Happiness

Today we have moved marriage from the idea of holiness to happiness. We have forgotten that marriage was once called “holy matrimony” and both the wedding itself, and the marriage were made to be holy.  Not only does our society misunderstand holiness, but even some who weekly dawn the pews have missed what it is,… Continue reading Marriage Built on Holiness, Not Happiness

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Does Experience Equal Truth?

Part II: Case Study of Cain and Abel We have already explored the idea that experience, while often true, does not always equal truth in Part 1. We need to test or explore to make sure what we believe we are experiencing is true. The account of Cain and Abel make a great case study… Continue reading Does Experience Equal Truth?

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In Defense of the Christian Husband

I know that this article is going to sound like a defense of myself as a husband, but this is a defense of all Christian husbands. I write in defense of them, because  Christian husbands have been beaten up over the last decade or two by secularists. They believe that Christianity is ruining all spheres… Continue reading In Defense of the Christian Husband