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Five Ways to Help Children Grow in Their Faith

Recently Lifeway Research asked Christian adults about their faith practices as children. The study surveyed 2,000 Protestant and non-denominational adults. If we understand what helped these adults grow in their faith from childhood, we can apply those practices to help our children grow in their faith. First, we must understand that there are no guarantees… Continue reading Five Ways to Help Children Grow in Their Faith

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4 Blessings of In-Person Worship

Over the last year, the global pandemic forced decisions by churches to worship in-person or online. I do not want to debate what individuals should be doing right now. I do, however, want to discuss the blessings of in-person worship, which we can’t experience online. 1. Proclamation of Salvation through Communion Communion is a corporate… Continue reading 4 Blessings of In-Person Worship

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Why Christians Abuse “Just Have Faith”

We should always have faith, but that doesn’t mean we never plan anything. My last blog addressed this: Christians Should Not Always “Just Have Faith”. I laid out arguments for times to “just have faith,” and times that God calls us to plan. If in our opportunity or problem we are unsure of whether or… Continue reading Why Christians Abuse “Just Have Faith”

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Christians Should Not Always “Just Have Faith”

Many times Christians say, “Just have faith.” The question that we are going to ask today is: “Does faith mean we don’t have to plan?”  In other words, is faith a substitute for planning? First, does God ever call us to plan?  If we believe we are to plan, are there times when we are… Continue reading Christians Should Not Always “Just Have Faith”

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Five Helps With Anxiety and Worry

Although life’s struggles create worry or anxiety, know that God speaks to those things. Here are five quick verses God can use to help and encourage you through dark days. THROW YOUR ANXIETY TO GOD: I Peter 5:6-7 says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He… Continue reading Five Helps With Anxiety and Worry

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Godly Wisdom During Global Panic

I would like to offer eight points of godly wisdom during this time of global panic. This of course is not inclusive, but hopefully gives a balanced approach to a current situation. At times like these, Christians are reminded how important their faith is, and how valuable being a believer is, in receiving God’s wisdom.… Continue reading Godly Wisdom During Global Panic

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Why I Still Baptize

Some people look at me and think that because I pastor a non-denominational church  (a church that does not belong to a direct denomination), that we hold no specific ideas of  Christian practice. This is not so. In fact, one thing we do is celebrate communion every week. You can read about my beliefs about… Continue reading Why I Still Baptize