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In Defense of the Christian Husband

I know that this article is going to sound like a defense of myself as a husband, but this is a defense of all Christian husbands. I write in defense of them, because  Christian husbands have been beaten up over the last decade or two by secularists. They believe that Christianity is ruining all spheres of the world. I would contend the opposite of this. Today I will defend the Christian husband.

Let me first give a disclaimer that I am not defending everyone who claims to be  a Christian husband or everything they do. Some might take on the term in the area of declaration, but not obedience. I have known some men over the years who would say they are a Christian husband, and they are not overall acting as godly examples.  

At the same time, I hope that you won’t take several poor examples, and miss the dozens of great examples of Christian husbands in every church. We are not perfect. We have plenty of issues that we too are working through like everyone else, but we are growing in our faith and practice. As I watch men who come into our church, accept Christ as their Savior, and attempt to imitate Him in every area of their life, I see first hand as a pastor the blessings a man can be to his wife.

In order to explore the benefits of a woman with  a Christian husband, we must look at Ephesians 5. The passage  found in Ephesians 5:22-33 is one which explains the foundation of marriage, how each of the parties should act, and what the goals of the husband and wife. 

Husbands are called in Ephesians 5:25 to “love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” Notice how he says that we should love our wives. He says we may love them as Christ loved the church. In other words, the apostle Paul tells us to look at how Jesus died for Christians, this is the level to which we should love our wives.

Now most  guys would take a bullet for our  wives. Most of the guys I know, I am convinced this would be true. While most of us would give the ultimate sacrifice for our wives, how can we do this on a daily basis? Let me give three quick suggestions of how you can sacrifice for your wife.


Sacrifice your time for your wife. This may mean that you want to do something with your free time, and instead, you do what she wants. It may be that you plan to spend time with her. Or maybe, you are the one that does extra chores around the house so that she can have time to herself.


Now, when I say sacrifice your money, I don’t mean you as an individual, but you as a couple. I’m a firm believer that most couples should share a joint account. You can sacrifice getting things you want so that you can get things your wife wants. Maybe it means that there is only enough money for one of you to get something you want, and you give it to her. To sacrifice for your wife is to make sure you are financially taking care of her and putting her before yourself.


The last way you can sacrifice for your wife is sexually. Unless you are not a typical male, you are most likely going to have a much higher sex drive than your wife. To sacrifice for her sexually is at times when you have desires and she doesn’t, so you  let her be for that night. Or when she has made herself tired through helping care for her home or her job, that you may ask less frequently. 

Most of us would be willing to take a bullet for our wives, but there’s very little chance of that happening. The question is, are we willing to sacrifice for our wives in things that are not as extreme? Are we willing to sacrifice for them in daily smaller choices? 

A husband who loves  like this, his wife will be blessed. The Christian husband who lives generally with this mindset can not only be defended, but women will be wanting to seek such men to spend the rest of their lives with.

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