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Do I Need to Trust the Person I Forgave?

Forgiveness is at the core of the Christian life. To accept Christ’s love is to accept His forgiveness. The cross is the picture of forgiveness, and because of that, those who have been forgiven by God should forgive others. This is why we are told to be “forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave… Continue reading Do I Need to Trust the Person I Forgave?

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Does Experience Equal Truth?

Part II: Case Study of Cain and Abel We have already explored the idea that experience, while often true, does not always equal truth in Part 1. We need to test or explore to make sure what we believe we are experiencing is true. The account of Cain and Abel make a great case study… Continue reading Does Experience Equal Truth?

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Why Christians Abuse “Just Have Faith”

We should always have faith, but that doesn’t mean we never plan anything. My last blog addressed this: Christians Should Not Always “Just Have Faith”. I laid out arguments for times to “just have faith,” and times that God calls us to plan. If in our opportunity or problem we are unsure of whether or… Continue reading Why Christians Abuse “Just Have Faith”

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The Blessing of Christ-Centered Theology

When we think of the Old Testament we often think of only God the Father as being in existence. This can be attributed to how little the Holy Spirit is mentioned in the Old Testament, as well as  Jesus’ birth and His coming as man to Earth is not mentioned until the gospels of Matthew,… Continue reading The Blessing of Christ-Centered Theology