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8 Ways Husbands Can Love Their Wives

Marriage is one of the bedrocks of society. Because of this, it is often under attack. A key to a healthy marriage is a husband who loves his wife. Here are 8 ways God calls husbands to love their wives.

#1 Love her by leading her.

The first way you can love your wife is by leading her. This is not done in a domineering way, but sacrificial way because husbands are called to lead their wives in the ways of Christ. This is why Ephesians 5:26 says, “that he might sanctify her” when talking about a husband leading his wife. Husbands can also lead them in relationships, their emotions, socially, financially, and other arenas of life.

#2 Love her by listening to her. 

Scripture says that we must be understanding of our wives (I Peter 3:7a). This means we need to listen to her, consider what she has to say, and execute when we can. A wife that is listened to is a wife that feels loved.

#3 Love her by sacrificing for her.

Ephesians 5:25 talks about how a husband is to love his wife “as Christ loved the church, and gave himself up for her.” He is to sacrifice everything for her. This can be money, sexual desires, his physical body, emotionally, and even financially making sure she is taken care of better than him. 

#4 Love her by treating her as priceless.

The apostle Paul says that husbands are to treat their wives “as the weaker vessel” in I Peter 3:7. This does not mean you see her as weaker to take advantage of her. It is treating her as a precious treasure. 

#5 Love her by showing her honor.

Husbands should be honoring their wives. Husbands should praise their wives (Proverbs 31:28b-31). Men can speak about her in honor to their friends, her friends, her family, and her community. He can honor her by talking about how well she is raising the kids, caring for others, noting her skills or something she has accomplished.

#6 Love her by building her a household.

We are not using “household” in the modern sense. The household involved in the family unit means of production, and all that came with it. Men were called from the time of Adam (Genesis 3:15) to take dominion over things, and build that thing up for the good of all who are with him. To lead and build a household is to love her, and those she calls her children.

#7 Love your wife by protecting her.

Men are called to protect their wives. In the Garden, Adam was called to guard everything in the garden, including his wife (Genesis 3:15). Husbands can protect their wives from overworking, dangerous people and places, destructive relationships, and at times, even themselves. 

#8 Love your wife by fulfilling her sexually. 

I Corinthians 7:5 says that husbands are not to deprive their wives of sexual desires. This could be from basic daily touching and hugging to full intimacy. Husbands are called to fulfill their wife in every way including sexually.

Where are you improving as a husband? Where are you struggling as a husband? Where do you need to confess and turn to follow God in how you are loving your wife?

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