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In Praise of Dads in the Labor Force

In our current culture, there seems to be a lack of respect for dads working in the labor force. These blue-collar fathers get up and grind it out every day. You know the guys working in a garage, construction, or some other hands-on job.  This is, in part, because we have elevated white-collar and/or technological… Continue reading In Praise of Dads in the Labor Force

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Apologize No Matter What?

Should we “apologize no matter what?” Some people live by this motto. Generally, they are perceived as people-pleasers with weak spines. Their chief end is to avoid conflict. Others were children raised to “just apologize.” Others are those who want to “just keep the peace,” so they apologize. Others live by the phrase, “happy wife,… Continue reading Apologize No Matter What?

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Hope When Life Falls Apart

Job’s Anti-Creation Curse Lament and Hope Many Christians push a picture of Christianity as running through a field of unicorns and lollipops. Right from the start, we will say that Christian life brings joy and hope. It turns sorrow into gladness once we depend on God and know what He is doing, and trust what… Continue reading Hope When Life Falls Apart

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When You Should Talk to God Instead of Pray

We live in a culture where people have fallen away from the practice of praying. Prayer has always been a staple of Christian life. It says, “God, I can’t do this without you, I need you.” It’s a reliance on someone who is really in control. When I suggest we talk to God verses praying,… Continue reading When You Should Talk to God Instead of Pray

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Work with Matt Wolfe Part 1: God as a Worker

Matt Wolfe has been my friend for about two decades. My youth pastor then my pastor, I then worked  for two years under Matt  as his  youth pastor.  He  was the best man in my wedding, and a few years  later I became his pastor. We’ve worked together on many projects, have had many late… Continue reading Work with Matt Wolfe Part 1: God as a Worker