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Why We Enjoy Santa at Christmas

One of the questions I get a lot as a pastor around Christmas is what to do with Santa. A lot of young families are curious about both keeping their faith and wondering what they can or should not do as believers during the season. Within some Christian circles this can be a hot topic.… Continue reading Why We Enjoy Santa at Christmas

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Christmas Music as Weapons of War

For centuries Christians have gathered to sing Christmas songs. One of the many reasons I love Christmas is the music that we sing.  Have you seen the 1887 painting by Hans Bachmann, entitled, “A Christmas Carol in Lucerne?” As a child I have many fond memories of singing Christmas songs from the church hymnal, in children’s… Continue reading Christmas Music as Weapons of War

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Three Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Christmas

Once Thanksgiving is over, my mind automatically switches toward the Christmas season. Christmas, in its proper respects, can be the most fulfilling and longest holiday season. The question is usually if we celebrate it, how do we celebrate it? To make sure that we give Christmas and Christ their due, we should prepare for the… Continue reading Three Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Christmas


Merry Christmas

All of us at Maddening Theology would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. We hope your Christmas is cross-centered , and that you reflect on the greatest gift you have ever been given, Jesus Christ. We also hope that you are able to share it with friends and family. Have a Merry Christmas! Thanks for… Continue reading Merry Christmas

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Short Advent Devotionals

I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, and I am not trying to rush us through the holidays either. I want to  share a short list of Advent devotionals that you may be interested in purchasing. Advent is coming soon, and most of these devotionals you can use with the Advent calendar from December 1st… Continue reading Short Advent Devotionals

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Why Celebrate Advent?

Cornerstone has celebrated Advent for several years. There is a decline in modern America to no longer celebrate this religious tradition, therefore, the meaning is beginning to be lost. I would like to explain what Advent is, why we celebrate it, and some practical ways to celebrate it with family, friends and neighbors. ”Advent” is… Continue reading Why Celebrate Advent?