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Feeling Fearful and Alone?

We  attend church because our faith in Christ means a lot to us. It is the foundation of who we are. When we struggle with life issues, we come to church with those burdens. We are encouraged through the service. Our spirits are lifted up through singing, reminding us how great God is and how… Continue reading Feeling Fearful and Alone?

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When You Should Talk to God Instead of Pray

We live in a culture where people have fallen away from the practice of praying. Prayer has always been a staple of Christian life. It says, “God, I can’t do this without you, I need you.” It’s a reliance on someone who is really in control. When I suggest we talk to God verses praying,… Continue reading When You Should Talk to God Instead of Pray

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David and Goliath, The Real Hero

One of the best known Old Testament stories is David and Goliath. Even someone who never stepped foot in church knows the story of the underdog.  The story is found in I Samuel 17, but let me summarize it for you. There is a giant named Goliath, who is a Philistine. He is taunting and… Continue reading David and Goliath, The Real Hero