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Helping People Grow Spiritually Part II

This is a three part series called “Helping People Grow Spiritually.” In Part 1  we talked about how we need to be good listeners, gentle, patient, and help bear others’ burdens This week we will talk about why we need to speak truth, check up on those we are helping and how we can minister… Continue reading Helping People Grow Spiritually Part II


Top Ten Blog Posts of 2018

Happy New Year! The staff at MaddeningTheology are taking a break this week.  We thought you would enjoy looking at the top most read articles  of 2018. #1. How Classical Education Changed My Preaching or Let’s Define Our Terms #2. Five Things to Pray for Your Pastor on Sunday Morning #3. Interviewing Douglas Kaine McKelvey… Continue reading Top Ten Blog Posts of 2018

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How Classical Education Changed My Preaching or “Let’s Define our Terms”

You may not be aware that my wife and I currently homeschool. Now, we are not one of “those” families whose children don’t see the light of day until they turn 18. Our kids also are involved in dance, library programs, and other community activities. I want to give a short disclaimer here. Let me… Continue reading How Classical Education Changed My Preaching or “Let’s Define our Terms”


Strong Fathers Strong Daughters

Recently, I had the opportunity to share with Daren Dilts of the blog Active Manhood.  He asked me to share some of my ideas about how to raise strong daughters.  Please see his blog post here. Thanks for taking time to read this Maddening Theology post. If you enjoyed this content you can find Pastor Tim’s… Continue reading Strong Fathers Strong Daughters



I just want to thank all of my readers for a great year at Maddening Theology. I hope that I have truly attempted to make simple the deep things of God for you. We have had over 2500  people visit our website in 2017 with 6000 views. We also have a growing group on Facebook.… Continue reading 2017 BLOG THANK YOU!



Today’s blog is simply to wish you a Merry Christmas. This is a celebratory day. We are excited to revel in Jesus coming to Earth as the God Man to live a perfect life so that He could die on the cross and rise again to pay for our sins. I hope that you put… Continue reading A CHRISTMAS GREETING