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Letting God Interrupt Your Plans

In our last article we looked at the fact that it is not always wrong to plan. In fact, sometimes following a plan is God’s will. You can read more about that here. While God is for planning and following His plan, there are times God calls us to let Him interrupt our plans. There… Continue reading Letting God Interrupt Your Plans

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God’s Perfect Timing in Your Life

There are two types of people, those who love planning and those who fly by the seat of their pants. I love planning because I think you end up having a better experience with fewer surprises for most things.  God also is a planner. He is purposeful and intentional. The apostle Paul talks about how… Continue reading God’s Perfect Timing in Your Life

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Dad’s Weapons to Protect His Daughter

When it comes to protecting our daughters, God has given us many weapons. Godly men want to protect and provide for their daughters. They want them to marry men who will do the same – caring, loving, providing and meeting their needs. One way is to take our girls on “daddy dates” which you can… Continue reading Dad’s Weapons to Protect His Daughter

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Praise for Boring, Faithful Moms

Let me start out by saying I’m not a mom, so my deficiency starts there. But I have three advantages that would allow me to write such an article. First, this might surprise you, but I have a mom. I’ve observed her my whole life and how she functions, loves others, and how she has… Continue reading Praise for Boring, Faithful Moms

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Does Experience Equal Truth?

Part I: Testing Our Experience We live during a time when people have placed massive amounts of stock into the market of experience. Think about something as simple as shopping. We often don’t just want the duty of buying something, but “lifestyle shopping.”  A business friend of mine recently explained this concept to me. He… Continue reading Does Experience Equal Truth?

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What Not to Say to Those Suffering

My friend, Jeremy Yeckley, famously once said, “What unites us as humanity is suffering.” He said that about seven years ago, and I won’t forget the moment he said it to the group he was speaking to. It has resonated with me since then. We all deal with suffering. Which also means that we all… Continue reading What Not to Say to Those Suffering

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Work with Matt Wolfe Part 3: Having a Work Ethic

Matt Wolfe has been my friend for about two decades. My youth pastor then my pastor, I then worked  for two years under Matt  as his  youth pastor.  He  was the best man in my wedding, and a few years  later I became his pastor. We’ve worked together on many projects, have had many late… Continue reading Work with Matt Wolfe Part 3: Having a Work Ethic

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Get Rid of Some Friends

There are many things you can read in the Bible that sound like they are not Christian. Some of this has to do with our misunderstanding of Scripture. One such idea is that you might have too many friends. This seems like it would go against the Christian ethic. Shouldn’t someone following Jesus be friendly… Continue reading Get Rid of Some Friends