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How to Have Big Faith

When it comes to walking by faith, like most things, there are pitfalls on each side of the road. Step too far left or right and you are in the ditch. For some, the pitfall is to rely on themselves. For others, it’s to forget to do what God has called them to do. We… Continue reading How to Have Big Faith

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Why Moses Traded Royalty for Slavery

We live in an age where kings and queens are almost obsolete. In many ways, monarchs are a thing of the past. But for millennia, they ruled nations and empires. Moses belonged to one such kingdom – the kingdom of Egypt led by Pharaoh. He was an honorary grandson of the king because he was… Continue reading Why Moses Traded Royalty for Slavery

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A Call for Pastors and Churches to Go Deep

For years I have tried to blow the whistle on the subject of shallow theology. This is a current trend among evangelical churches to keep things shallow. It is especially highlighted among the current 20-30-something crowd. Quite a few of my pastoral peers fit into this mold. Most have not heeded the warning. They look… Continue reading A Call for Pastors and Churches to Go Deep

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When God Makes Us Rest

Our God is a God of rest. He rested after creation. Jesus rested at times. God calls us to rest in Him, and when we don’t there are times He makes us rest.  The first time we see rest in the Bible is after God created the world. “And on the seventh day God finished… Continue reading When God Makes Us Rest

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5 Ways God Helps Us Through Our Grief

Grief affects all of us. Many people are grieving the loss of loved ones, loss of relationships, loss of financial stability, loss of physical, emotional or mental health.  There are many ways God can help you with your grief. Here are five ways that God works through your veil of tears. #1 The Holy Spirit… Continue reading 5 Ways God Helps Us Through Our Grief