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Following God Through Impossible Places

We have all faced times in our lives when we feel like our backs are up against the wall. The place or challenge God has for us seems impossible to handle. It appears as if there is no way out.

This was the situation for the Israelites at the Red Sea. The story can be found in Exodus 14. They had just left Egypt. Many of them never had left the small geographical area where they lived and worked their entire lives. God used Moses to take them out of Egypt. They were finally free from the shackles of slavery to be led to God’s promised land.

Then they find themselves staring at the Red Sea. Most of them probably had no clue how to swim, let alone know how to traverse that wide, deep body of water. If that wasn’t enough, the Egyptian army was on their heels, chasing them down and trying to kill them. It seemed like they would either die or end up back in slavery for several hundred more years.

But God did a miracle by parting the Red Sea, making a way for them to get across. He made the land where the water split dry, so they weren’t getting stuck in soft, muddy seabed. 

One thing that we need to understand is that God sees things we don’t. Not just in various places, but in contrasting times. He sees the future. We can trust Him because He knows all and can see all. 

The problem is that sometimes we don’t listen to God. God gives us His Word, His Spirit, His church, and other believers to speak into our lives. We often hear His advice and then do our own thing anyway.

This is what was happening with the Israelites. They are in fear because of their situation. They start saying to Moses “you brought us here to die.” They don’t want to listen to the fact that God does have a plan for them. So, Moses must tell them to shut up. He says in Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” 
Sometimes this is what God has for us as well. We need to stop talking, stop fearing, stop making excuses. We need to listen to what He says through His Word, Spirit, and people. Then we need to just do it. Stop trying to figure out another way. Obey and follow Him instead.

What situation are you in now that seems like an impossible place? How has God called you to act and react in this situation? How are you following Him and letting Him lead you through it? Are you making excuses and talking too much, or are you having faith that He knows everything, including the future, and His way is best?

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