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How to Have Big Faith

When it comes to walking by faith, like most things, there are pitfalls on each side of the road. Step too far left or right and you are in the ditch. For some, the pitfall is to rely on themselves. For others, it’s to forget to do what God has called them to do. We are called to have big faith, and rely on a bigger God.

The Old Testament is full of stories like this. In Hebrews 11 many of these “heroes of the faith” are commended for their faith. This is why this passage has been nicknamed by many “The Hall of Faith.” It’s not Babe Ruth and Yogi Berra, but Noah, Abraham, and Moses.

There are two ideas to note when it comes to having big faith. First, these people did have big faith. This faith included belief and action. Second, their faith did something because it was produced by a bigger God.

First, let’s dig deeper into the idea that faith is both belief and action. Many people say they have faith but are actually talking about trust, not faith. Trusting God is part of faith, but it is not the whole story. True faith has action. 

We see this repeatedly in Hebrews 11. These all stars not only believed something, but they often did something. It’s like James says, in 2:26, “faith apart from works is dead.” Works won’t save us, but it is a fruit of our faith. It may be that in your circumstance, there is something God is calling you to do. Some people don’t have faith, because they aren’t acting on their faith.

Second, some people struggle with independence apart from God. They attempt to do things in and of themselves, or in their own power. They try to do things their own way, which means without God. This will lead to failure in a situation. What we notice as we dig deeper into all of these stories of faith is that God was the ultimate miracle worker. 

God is the true hero of the story of David and Goliath. Samson only is able to do his feats of strength because “God gave His Spirit to him.” Moses only is able to walk across the Red Sea in faith because God parted the waters. Without God, we can do nothing.

What circumstance are you going through right now that you are struggling with? How are you doing on following God in faith? Are you trusting in Him? Are you doing what God has called you to in that circumstance? Are you trying to be the hero, or are you letting God be the ultimate miracle worker in your situation? 

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