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5 Verses to Start the New Year

God’s Word is powerful and encouraging. Here are five Bible verses that will remind you of this and carry you through the new year. All of these verses are best studied in their context, so take time to look at the surrounding verses. Psalm 31:23-24 Love the Lord, all you his saints! The Lord preserves… Continue reading 5 Verses to Start the New Year

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Christianity Without the Church?

For centuries many have thought that the church building was the church. We even use phrases today like, “Let’s go to church.” We know by that we mean, “Let’s go to the church service at the building where Christians meet.” We are moving (in some areas) into a proper understanding of the true definition of… Continue reading Christianity Without the Church?

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What Indian Christians Taught Me about Unity in Christ

I had another amazing opportunity to go overseas. Our small group recently returned from serving in India. The things we saw and were able to take part in were truly amazing. The Indian people were very friendly, kind, and welcoming to us.  There is one thing I would like to point out which was very… Continue reading What Indian Christians Taught Me about Unity in Christ

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Why Catechism?

Everyone has an  idea of what church should be like. Some people are looking for specific traditions or programs  they believe the church needs in order for them to attend. Others have a long list of requirements, to the point that they will never find the “perfect” church they are looking for. So when someone… Continue reading Why Catechism?