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Grief Resource Recommendations Part 1

A lot of people struggle with grief, often unaware of where to go to help. A relationship with God is always helpful. Christian friends or Christian counseling are also beneficial. For those looking to take more time to go through the subject for themselves or others, I wanted to put together a list of book recommendations on grief. Some of these are books by others, some are articles I have written. I compiled them for you.

#1 A Grief Observed, C.S. Lewis

This book was written by the famous Chronicles of Narnia author. It is a collection of thoughts that he experienced following the death of his wife Joy after she passed at the age of 45. It is a small book and has great reflections in it.

#2 Does Grace Grow Best in the Winter?, by Ligon Duncan

This book deals with suffering. It talks about how God can be both loving and sovereign at the same time. It reflects on how your faith can grow despite grief in your life. It is a shorter book, only about 75 pages.

#3 Christians are not Called to Skip the Grieving Process

Often Christians misapply I Thessalonians 4:13-18 when they hear what God says about grieving. They may believe that Christians are called to skip the grieving process. That is not true. This short article talks about this topic.

#4 A Specific Prayer for Those Who Grieve

There is one prayer I often pray for people when it comes to grieving. It comes out of Philippians 4:7. It is a verse that offers hope. This short article helps us see what to pray as we grieve.

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