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Grief Resource Recommendations Part II

A lot of people who struggle with grief are often unaware of where to go for help. A relationship with God is always helpful. Christian friends or Christian counseling are also beneficial. For those looking to take more time to go through the subject for themselves or others, I put together a list of resources I recommend on grief. Some of these are books by others, some are articles I have written in the past. Resources #1-4 can be found here. (link)

#5 What Not to Say to Those Suffering

When it comes to dealing with grief, a lot of us do not know what to say. Or, we don’t know what we are supposed to hear. This article deals with making sure we are helping, not hurting those who are grieving.

#6 Consequences of Health and Wealth Theology, Destroying the Faith of Man

I always say, “Bad theology has consequences.” It is often the same when it comes to grief. In fact, bad theology can often destroy people who are grieving. There is a health and wealth false gospel that does that. Read this article to make sure that you understand God correctly so you don’t destroy someone’s faith.

#7 How to Cry out to God

This article offers help to people with grief. It deals with how to write your own lament about your situation. It provides several Psalms that deal with grief.

#8 Walking with Jesus, 31 Day Devotionals for Life, by Bob Kellemen

This is a fantastic devotional for those grieving. You can spend 5-10 minutes a day learning from God and reflecting, and then take a break. It provides a month of reflections.

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