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Should Sermons Teach the Gospel, Doctrine, or Practical Application?

There is a question of what a sermon should entail. Should a sermon be focused on doctrine, the Gospel, or practical application? Your answer may differ depending on the type of church you grew up in or attend now. Those who grew up in what are considered liturgical churches most likely grew up in Gospel-heavy… Continue reading Should Sermons Teach the Gospel, Doctrine, or Practical Application?

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What Makes a Great Sermon?

I have heard thousands and preached hundreds of sermons in my life. Recently, I joked about the fact that I think I preached a great sermon, and it fell flat. Then the next sermon I thought was flat, received a great reaction. A friend asked me, “What really makes a good sermon?” This is not… Continue reading What Makes a Great Sermon?

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Why Cross-Centered Preaching?

Almost a year ago I wrote articles on what is known as cross-centered theology. Cross-centered theology basically declares that everything that we are called to do as Christians is directly related to the cross.  Salvation is our primary benefit of the cross, reconciling us with God again and securing our eternity in Heaven to worship… Continue reading Why Cross-Centered Preaching?

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3 Ways to Interact with a Sermon

For about six years I had no molding on the inside of my office door. There was just a large gap between the door and sheetrock. As someone who is a little of a perfectionist, this bothered me. After a while, however, I completely ignored it because I became comfortable with it. Finally today, as… Continue reading 3 Ways to Interact with a Sermon