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When God Makes Us Rest

Our God is a God of rest. He rested after creation. Jesus rested at times. God calls us to rest in Him, and when we don’t there are times He makes us rest.  The first time we see rest in the Bible is after God created the world. “And on the seventh day God finished… Continue reading When God Makes Us Rest

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Progressive Christianity and Poverty Theology

It is popular in current Christianity to think that everything done in the past was done wrong. Not only is it popular, it is arrogant. I would not lie to say that I have found a couple chinks in the armor myself. However, some current Christian leaders think they are reinventing the entire wheel, and… Continue reading Progressive Christianity and Poverty Theology

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Your Tragic History Matters

For several years Bill Boekestein and I ministered in neighboring towns in Northeastern PA. I have always found Bill thoughtful, and someone who attempts to be in line with Scripture. He is today’s guest blogger. This article was first published on “Core Christianity” website on January 20, 2022. What were we like when we were… Continue reading Your Tragic History Matters

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5 Ways God Shows His Power

If our God is not mighty, how could we rely or count on Him? If He is omnipotent, meaning He is all powerful, or unlimited in power, then nothing that is a part of His will is too hard for Him to handle. When we know and own that our God is all powerful, then… Continue reading 5 Ways God Shows His Power

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The Creation of Evil

God and the Problem of Evil Part 2 We continue to explore why there is evil and sin in the world if God is supposed to be good. We have already seen how God sometimes uses what we could consider evil as something which is actually good. He often ministers pain to try to save… Continue reading The Creation of Evil

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The Gospel and the Sin of Racism: Created Perfectly as One Race (Part 1)

Racism is a deep discussion which cannot be addressed quickly. Even as I intend to break this up into several segments, we need to understand that much of this is just the tip of the iceberg.  My goal for this series is not to affirm certain political stances or groups, but the Gospel of Jesus… Continue reading The Gospel and the Sin of Racism: Created Perfectly as One Race (Part 1)

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Art: The Missing Image of God

There is a theological term called, “Imago Dei,” the Latin term which means “the image of God.” The theological truth is that humans have been made in the image of God. This is how He created us. This is not an idea, but truth. It is clearly stated in Genesis 1:26. The trinity, speaking to… Continue reading Art: The Missing Image of God

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Instead of Pray, Stare at the Stars

Over the last couple of decades there has been a push to replace God with His creation. You will hear people say things like, “The woods are my church.” By that, they mean that you can worship God just as well, if not better, in the woods. Think about it – there are no distractions;… Continue reading Instead of Pray, Stare at the Stars

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The Gospel Begins With Good

There are many things within Christianity that are tough to deal with for many people. The concept of hell, being a sinner, or sin needing to be punished can be hurdles for people to jump over to get to Jesus. When we read Scripture, we see that some love the cross, and it is foolish… Continue reading The Gospel Begins With Good

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Let the Earth Burn

Some Christians regard  the planet with a “let the Earth burn” attitude. When it comes to environmentalism, some seem to care less about the planet. This comes from several different ideologies. Some Christians believe that the planet is only going to last so long so they feel that taking care of the planet or their… Continue reading Let the Earth Burn