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Where to Find God’s Wisdom for All of Life

God’s Word is full of wisdom. It has direction for His people to live everyday life. This wisdom covers every corner of our lives and what we do. The question is, where do we find this wisdom?

The Bible is a multifaceted book with smaller books in it. It has several literary genres. These books are often categorized within the whole Bible so books of the same genre are near each other. One such classification is the wisdom books. These books are Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. Each of them covers a specialty such as worship, everyday life, marriage, etc. 

Job: This book covers the wisdom of how to suffer well. It shows how we should think if we are going through life with major struggles. 

Psalms: The Psalms are wisdom for how to Worship and Pray. They cover much more of that of course, considering there are 150 of them. However, a prominent wisdom for how to worship and pray through a variety of circumstances in life.

Proverbs: The Proverbs give us wisdom for how to win in everyday life. A proverb is a general wisdom principle. This means that if you follow these proverbs, the outcome is not guaranteed, but generally works out. This book covers everything from dating to money, from raising children, to choosing friends, and everything in between.

Ecclesiastes: Ecclesiastes, in some senses, seems anti-Proverbs, but it really compliments it. It gives wisdom on how to live life despite things not going well. Despite our obedience not producing the fruit that we hoped. It gives wisdom on how to live well despite our struggles and failures.

Song of Solomon: Song of Solomon is practical wisdom for marriage. This book is very intimate, and covers a lot concerning intimacy in marriage. There are many resources out there to describe what this book is trying to say.

Where do you need wisdom? What area of life do you need to look to God for how life works? Which book of wisdom do you need to help you in that journey?

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